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Makeup Remover
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Makeup Remover

  • 24005
  • 24005
  • 41*18 cm
  • coral fleece


This makeup remover cloth can help you wipe away foundation, Lipstick, eye shadows, glitter, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, leaving you a clean and healthy face.

【Features】 -Just add water!No additional products or chemicals needed works great even on waterproof mascara.double sided with 2 unique fabric textures:short texture for basic makeup removal,long texture for deeper cleansing &exfoliating.

Material and Size】 - This makeup remover cloth is made of 100% coral fleece.  The size of pink cloth is about 16*7 inch/41*18 cm under the unfold condition.

【Directions】 - Wet a section of the Magic Makeup Remover Cloth.

-Use cloth to wash face in a circular motion one section at a time.

-Use a clean section for next use.

-Machine wash one a week,or as needed.

【Care instructions】 - Hang up to keep it dry after each use, and it can be washed in the washing machine as delicate on cool/cold.No chlorine bleach.Tumble dry low heat.Remain soft after washing and drying

【Conveniences】It is the perfect bath accessory for home or business trips.


◇Lightweight  ◇ECO-Friendly ◇Secure   

◇Comfortable   ◇Reusable ◇ Conveniences

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