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  • Silicone Make Up Brushes
    About this itemEASY BLEND; Unlike traditional brushes, our silicone brushes allow you to blend your make up easily without it being absorbed, which promotes smoother coverage and longer brush lifeMUD MASK APPLICATOR; These brushes, particularly the flathead shaped one, are perfect for the smooth application of clay or mud masks, and exfoliators. This is great for ensuring you have full coverage of the mask on your skin, particularly in problem areas like the T-ZoneDURABLE; These brushes have plastic handles with welded metal to them keep the silicone brush ends tightly secureSIMPLE TO CLEAN; These brushes can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water to wash off any excess residue. Lay them flat on a towel to dry overnightCOLOR & SIZE; The brushes handle color can be customized with colorful silicone ends.But have MOQ. The largest brush measures 15.5cm in length and the smallest 13cm.
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