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Nail Care

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Have you used nail clippers correctly?

Our nails continue to grow. The longest nails in the world are over 9.09 meters. However, too long nails can cause inconvenience to life. Therefore, nail clippers are often used. When I grow up, I find that nail clippers are not only for nail cutting, but also have many other functions. Let’s explore the various nail clippers.

Large nail clipper:

It is large in size and is not used frequently. It is mainly used for pedicure and nails.

Medium nail clipper:

It’s more commonly used for manicure.

Oblique nail clipper:

It’s pecially used for corner nails. Soak your hands in warm water for three to five minutes before use, and dry them to make it easier to trim your nails.

Dead skin fork:

Its pointed edge can remove the dead skin and push the long bed.

Pedicure nipper:

It is used to repair special conditions such as back-sticking toenails.

Nail file:

It is used to repair the edges of the nails and smooth them.


Squeezing needles, acne needles, acne needles, picking needles.

Hair clip:

It is used to trim eyebrows and remove nose hair.


It is used to rub your ears.

Elbow multi-purpose scissors:

It is mostly used to cut eyebrows and dead skins.

Peeling knife:

It is used to remove dead skin.


• Keep it away from kids.

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