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Shower Cap
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Shower Cap

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A shower cap is a waterproof cap used to wrap hair and ears in order to not wet the hair or make it difficult for the ear to enter the water when showering with a shower. Made of high-quality waterproof fabric, it is beautiful and stylish, soft and comfortable, waterproof and breathable. It is a must-have for ladies' bath, hair care, beauty and makeup remover. If you have long hair, you can put your hair on the tray and put on the cap to make you feel refreshed and convenient when you are bathing and making makeup. After use, please hang up and dry, and do not expose to the sun.


1.Tie the hair into a pony tail.

2.Wind up the hair in the anticlockwise.

3.Make your hair into a bun.

4.Wear the shower cap.


  • Stuff your hair into the shower cap. Keep away from fire or sharp objects to avoid damage.

  • Don't put your hair directly into the shower cap, especially if the hair is very long and thick. It will only make it messier.


Use soap. Don't use detergents and other residues that are harmful to your body. Rinse it.


1.pvc ( Almost eliminated now because the materials are not environmentally friendly. Of course, there are environment-friendly materials, but the cost is higher.)



 Are shower caps are harmful to hair?

The shower cap is not harmful to human hair. As long as it is not worn for a long time, it does not hurt the hair. The shower cap should have a greater impact on the scalp so that your scalp can't dissipate heat and the pores of the scalp can't breathe. But it shouldn't matter if you wash your face for a little while, just don't use that kind of dry hair cap. Say what strong water absorption makes the hair dry quickly, in fact, just after washing the hair should let the scalp breathe fully. Wearing a long time will make the hair worse or even lose hair. But washing your face is not a big problem. If you really want to cherish your hair, go buy a wide hair band and put it on your forehead like a hairpin, then tie your hair back.

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