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Dry hair cap

The dry hair cap eliminates the radiation from the traditional hair dryer and is healthful and convenient. It can dry wet hair quickly both at home or on travel. With it you can come to sleep right after a bath.


Quickly absorb most of the water after a bath, and enable you to sleep right after bathing.


The best material on the market today is the Vicat fiber and microfiber (such as RAYON). These two materials not only have strong water absorption capabilities, but also are lint-free, anti-fading, durable, and easy to clean. They’re antibacterial and deodorant. Therefore, these two materials are the best choice to make dry hair caps.


After shampooing, wrap your hair in a dry hair cap. After a few minutes, the moisture in the wet hair will be inhaled into the dry hair shower cap. 

Or gently wipe the hair with a dry hair cap. The hair will float for a few minutes. 

You also can wear a dry hair cap to sleep, no headache, no cold. Using of a dry hair cap can reduce hair damage resulting from the use of the hair dryer. It brings you a new way of hair care, which is more environment friendly and time and power saving.

1. With the face down, ley your hair naturally hang down, and place the wider end of the shower cap (with buttons) over the head.

2. Put the hair into the dry hair cap and screw up.

3. Pull the rope at the other end of the shower cap and push it up and down on the button.


1. Super absorbent: It adopts high technology and uses 100% DTY composite microfiber. The fineness is only one-twentieth of ordinary fiber, which is equivalent to one-tenth of hair silk. The moisture absorption speed is more than seven times that of ordinary towel. It can quickly dry wet hair.

2, Soft and antibacterial: fluffy antibacterial and hygienic, water-absorbing, and easy to dry.

3, Easy to wash and durable: Durability is more than three times that of ordinary towels. It’s easy to clean.

4, Widely used: It can be used for the male and female, old and young, long and short hair.

5, Protect hair quality: It avoids the harm caused by the hair dryer.

Laundry guide

It can be washed with soap or washing powder, and the machine wash effect is better. Don’t use the fabric softener to avoid mixing with other clothing.


Before the first-time use, dip it in hot water for 20 minutes, and then dry it.

Why use dry hair caps.

1. The dry hair cap has powerful water absorption capabilities. It adopts 100% superfine composite fiber, and the fiber is only one-twentieth of ordinary fiber. It has strong water absorption and the moisture absorption speed is faster than ordinary towel. More than double, make wet hair dry quickly.

2, It’s breathable, free of water stains, sanitary, and convenient.

3, It’s easy to use, beautiful, and durable. 

4. It allows for hand wash, easy to take care of. Do not use fabric softener. 

5. It is easy to wipe and carry, soft to the touch and full of texture, suitable for both long hair and short hair.

6. It is safe to use, antibacterial, deodorant, and lint-free.

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